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If you have a drinking water system you may be thinking that “this won’t apply to me” but you’ll likely think again after reading this. In the home, you are exposed to chemicals and contaminants in tap water in three main ways.

  1. Through ingestion when you drink or cook with unfiltered water.
  2. Through absorption during baths or showers. Hot water opens your pours allowing for a higher rate of absorption and chemicals in water to enter your body.
  3. Through inhalation of steam during a shower or bath which is one of the most concerning ways. Chlorine has a low boiling point and vaporizes quickly so steam in the shower can contain as much as 20 times the level of chlorine compared to what’s coming out of the tap and it’s inhaled directly into your lungs.


Note for parents of young children.

Small children have more permeable so they absorb chemicals at a higher rate and since they are smaller, receive a higher concentration of chemicals then that of an adult. 


Additionally, hard water can wreak havoc on pipes and appliances causing premature breakdown and causes buildup on beautiful faucets and sinks that are almost impossible to clean.

Remember, “If you don’t have a filter, you are the filter!” The right whole house water filtration system can eliminate these issues and give you the purity, protection and peace of mind you need and deserve.