Pentair PC1000-R

Pentair PC 1000-R Carbon replacement kit

Pentair PC1000-R Carbon Replacement Kit


Kit comes with all the necessary products and tools to successfully replace the filtration media in your tank


Environmentally friendly carbon media does not require any unique methods of disposal


Long lasting, only change filters every 5 years or 600,000 Gallons


Easy to change, no tools or professionals needed


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Install Specs



Pentair PC 1000-R Carbon replacement kit



  • PC1000-R carbon replacement media is designed to reduce contaminants like chlorine, sediment, and more.
  • Enhances water safety and cleanliness for drinking purposes.
  • Long lifespan of approximately 5 years, ensuring reliable and cost-effective filtration.
  • Crafted from premium coconut shell carbon with a large surface area for effective impurity removal.
  • Addresses unpleasant tastes and odors in water.
  • Straightforward installation: open housing, replace old media, insert new media, reattach housing.
  • Enjoy cleaner, fresher-tasting water quickly and easily.


Coconut Catalytic Carbon

High quality and sustainable, this Coconut Catalytic Carbon is the workhorse of the system addressing a wide variety of contaminants such as chlorine, ammonia, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, and more.


K.D.F Media acts as a bacteriostat within the tank.

Hose Bib Assembly

The whole house water filter system carbon replacement media kit comes with a handy hose bib assembly that simplifies the task of swiftly and effortlessly filling the tank and carrying out the rinse cycle.


Use to conveniently pour your carbon into the tank upon replacement.

O Ring

O Ring

Riser Tube Cap

Riser Tube Cap covers the riser tube opening when using the funnel to fill the filtration media into the tank.


Used the O-ring replacement.

Pentair PC1000-R carbon replacement kit

Installation Specifications

Box Includes:

1 cubic ft. Coconut Catalytic Carbon

1 lb KDF

1 -Funnel

1 -Riser Tube Cap

1 -O-Ring

1- Silicone Grease

1 -Factory Instruction Manual

The replacement procedure is simple and does not necessitate any special tools or a plumber. Start by disconnecting the tank from the bypass valve and manually unscrewing the distributor’s head. Next, empty out the expired media. Now, introduce the new replacement media into the tank. Follow the provided start-up backwashing and media soak instructions, and you’ll be all set to go. CLICK HERE to view the filter change instructions manual.


How often should I replace my filter?

Pentair recommends changing this filter every 5 years.

Does this kit include everything I need to change my filter?

Yes, everything is included.

Who can change this out?
Most people choose to change the filter themselves as it does not require a plumber or specialty technician. For those that would like assistance can simply hire a handy person to do the job.

Where can I find the filter change instructions?

CLICK HERE to view the filter change instructions manual.

Is there any video I can watch that walks me through the filter change?

Yes, CLICK HERE to view the Pentair video of how to replace the carbon media for your PC600 or PC1000 whole home system.