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The weather is getting crisper, the trees are turning colors and……wait a minute, if you’re in San Diego that’s not happening at all, in fact I’m still admiring my glowing tan I got at the beach last weekend. But for the sake of conjuring all the feels of fall let’s pretend so we can indulge in these 5 amazing infused water recipes that have all the refreshing qualities of summer but with the gorgeous flavors and smells of fall.



Apple pie infused water

A delicious fall flavored water, combining the tart taste of apples and plums with the sweetness and coziness of vanilla and cinnamon spices, to recreate your favorite autumn dessert in a drink – apple pie.


Rosemary Green Apple

We don’t know why rosemary pairs so well with fruit, but it does! Plus it aids in digestion, which is important this time of year.



Pear Ginger Cinnamon

Spicy ginger pairs well with sassy cinnamon and mellow pears.

Grapefruit Rosemary

This blend from Posh Little Designs is earthy, peppery and surprisingly refreshing.



Cranberry and Orange Holiday Water

Festive water is the perfect alternative to rich holiday cocktails. You get a touch of sweetness without all the added sugar. And flavored sparkling water gives you a celebratory bubbly taste.