Take Back Your Tap

Filtered Water Benefits

Experience These Benefits with a Whole House Purification and Conditioning System!

  • Enjoy fresh, healthy, purified water throughout the home.
  • Protect your pipes and appliances from premature replacement due to the chemicals and hard water.
  • Protect rubber fittings and gaskets throughout the home that wear down when exposed to chlorine.
  • Clothes fade less, feel softer and can last longer when washed without the harsh chemicals in city water.
  • Unbelievably great for skin and hair – a difference you can feel!
  • No slippery feeling like with a water softener.
  • Save money year after year.
  • Maintenance free between filter changes.
  • Multi certified for safety and performance.



So, Why Switch?

Cost Savings

Everyone loves to save money and purchasing an in home filtration unit will do just that! In fact, drinking bottled water will cost you 5-10 times more than installing a filtration system in your home.  his is based on the average family water consumption of 300 gallons of water per year.Additionally if you have a whole home filtration and hard water treatment system you will stand to save  thousands more over the life of your system by protecting pipes and appliances from early failure from hard water.


Positive Environmental Impact

30 million water bottles are consumed daily in the US. Only 25% of those are recycled, which contributes to nearly 4 billion pounds of waste annually.

A study by the Water Quality Association found that it takes about 17 gallons of diesel fuel to transport 1,000 gallons of bottled water. That same study found that only 1/4 gallon of diesel is used to transport several point-of-use systems that produce 1,000 gallons of filtered water at your tap.

Health Benefits

Most people don’t drink tap water and for good reason. There is massive amounts of disinfectant chemicals along with other contaminants in city water that can affect our health when ingested or adsorbed while showering. While  regulated by the EPA and FDA, the water standards are regulated based on a health 154 lb person  leaving young, elderly and people with weak immune systems at potentially higher risk. Many people turn to bottled water but the truth is that  bottled water is not regulated so there is no guarantee on what you’re drinking. You can take control of your health and your water buy purchasing a quality home filtration unit.

Convenience Factor

When you have an in home filter you’ll never go to the store again and lug  home heavy bottles or wait for your delivery service to bring you water when you’ve run out. With an Ethical system you can enjoy an endless amount of fresh, tasty, filtered water straight from your tap.