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Ariane Paris

I’m passionate about water because it is such an integral part of our personal health as well as the planet we live on. Over the past 17 years in the industry, I’ve been motivated by helping others live better, healthier and more sustainable lives. However, it wasn’t until I became a parent that I understood more personally how the decisions I make today about our health and the planet affect so critically the children of tomorrow.

With this new motivation in mind, I wanted to start a company that would combine my industry knowledge with my own personal values and ethics. Thus, Ethical H2O was born to be a trusted resource for people to learn, understand and have access to high quality, sustainable filtration solutions for their water quality concerns.

Lisa Joyner
Water Specialist

I started in sales and management over 20 years ago and have always been attracted to companies that made a sustainable impact on the environment. When I first started working  in the water business 5 years ago, I was absolutely fascinated by the fact that I can reach so many people with one decision maker in a business offering water filtration units. In my mind I was saving lives by providing healthy clean water when it was needed.  In my opinion, this is the best industry you can work in and doing what I love is truly a dream come true.

Making A Difference


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What were the motivating factors that led Ethical H20 to start a business in the water treatment industry?

We love water!! No seriously, we do! That however wasn’t our biggest motivation for starting the company. What we really wanted to do is something that would make a difference in people’s lives as well as the world we live in and we definitely feel like we’re achieving that.

By focusing on the bigger picture like health, education, quality, sustainability and ethics we feel like we are able to have a larger overall impact than just “selling water”.

What regions do you serve and what markets do you serve and do you plan to expand your offerings?

Ethical H20 serves San Diego and the immediate surrounding Counties. We cater to residential clients (renters and homeowners) as well as a broad range of commercial facilities including coffee houses, assisted living facilities, hotels, apartment complexes, holistic centers and more.

We definitely plan to expand our offerings. We’re pretty picky about what we’ll sell though. It has to meet pretty stringent criteria always keeping quality, effectiveness, value and environmental impact in mind.

Do you offer employees in-house, manufacturer or WQA training?

Absolutely! Training, certifications and keeping current with new technology as well as connecting in with other industry professionals are all an integral part of our process and success. In order for us to gain the trust of the clients we serve is imperative for us to constantly be educating ourselves and keeping our finger on the pulse.

What are the biggest challenges you have encountered in the industry? How did you overcome them?

By far the two biggest challenges we face is the abundance of choices when it comes to water filtration and the misinformation that a lot of time get passed on to the client. So many consumers have come to us confused and frustrated with the research process and have been told so many different things they don’t know which company is “telling them the truth”. This feedback always bums us out because that experience is just so unnecessary and it can often delays the client and sometimes even detours them from moving forward.

It’s because of this feedback that we’ve structured our company and approach the way we have. Our entire mission is to educate people in an ethical way, procure only the best products with the highest value and to make our consumers buying experience simple and relaxed. We do that through our own training and education so we can truly be an authority on the subject of water filtration and a source of guidance for the consumer even if they don’t end up buying from us. It is important for us to build trust with our clients and through that create a lasting relationship.

What is the five-or 10-year plan for your company at this point in time?

We have a lot of exciting phases that will be rolling out over the next several years. Within the next year we will be launching our thirstyforwater.com brand of products and distributorship program. Over the next 5 years we’d like to see a distributor in every state modeled after the Ethical H2o standards of honesty, quality, value knowledge and sustainability.

We are also excited to partner with organizations who are making differences in this world both locally and around the globe. It is without question that giving back is a huge part of measuring our success  and we are actively looking for opportunities to do so.

What do you see on the horizon for the water conditioning industry overall? What changes do you wish or hope to see regarding the water industry?

We see a definite need for new technologies as our water and our environment experience hardships. This industry can sometimes be slow in the way of embracing technology and seeing that evolve would be a positive thing. Being a business owner in this industry we feel compelled to be activists for the these changes. We want help to create and inspire growth that will ultimately help so many people.

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